A sunflower for my front yard!

Rio Del Mar

Aptos, California

May of 2020

During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Clothing & More

I began making custom crochet items,

like the "Daddy and Baby Yoda Hats"

pictured above.

Lately I have been making

sweaters, tops, "Gremlin Voodoo Dolls"

and accessories.

I will post pictures soon!

Crochet Bomb

Japan town

san jose, ca

TITLE: "HAPPY for Spring"

Crochet Bomb!

public art

I started in the Spring of 2014, my first crochet bomb was on Brady, my Doberman!

Leslie Funk

Creative expression

It is OK to slow down.

Let your creativity bloom !

As your mind has time to

wonder, ponder and dream.